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Love, Trust, and Fairy Dust

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Mandalas and More

Handmade Dot Mandalas and more.  

Mandalas are themed and no two are alike, many will be one of a kind, when it's gone, it's gone.

Ornaments, Disks, Canvases large and small are used to create these unique pieces of art. 


Select by Title

Archangel Raphael (One)

This Reiki Infused Mandala can be used for decoration or meditation.  4.5 inch wooden disk was used for the base.  Sealed with resin.  

Lovingly infused with Reiki Healing this mandala was inspired by Archangel Raphael.  

Enjoy the Energy.


Archangel Mandala Series

Please come back to see the new Archangel Inspired Mandalas.  The angels are sending good vibes and these will be something to behold.