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Love, Trust, and Fairy Dust

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Magical, Mystical Fun

Our Magical, Mystical Fun items make wonderful handcrafted gifts.  

Our Snowglobe "nightlights" and lanterns are one of a kind, no two will ever look the same.  If you have a color preference let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.  If there are color options they will be listed or it will say "creator's choice" and your item will be created by or selected using our “creator’s choice” inspiration. 

Our Dreamcatchers come in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches.  Our listing will let you know what we have available in styles and sizes.

Bring a little magic to your home, we are sure you will love these offerings. 

Unicorn Snowglobe "Nightlight"

Plastic globe coated with iridescent glitter, a golden horn, and a flower crown.

Flower Crown is "creator's choice", but feel free to give us a color theme if you like.

Battery Operated Tea Light Included

Large:  $18.00

Santa Cam

Plastic globe coated with red glitter, just like Santa's suit.

Place the included battery operated tealight inside and tell the children that every flicker is a picture being sent to Santa in the North Pole.

Small:  $10.00

Unicorn Headbands

Made for the young and the young at heart.

Chose between a gold, multi, or silver colored horn.

“Creator’s Choice” on the paper flower crown.


Floral Headbands

Silk flowers adorn a headband that will make any Fairy Queen proud.  

Some come with ribbon adornments, these are "creator's choice".

Choice of Pink or Purple 


Unicorn Dreamcatchers

This is a one and only, more are being Inspired and created. 

This Dreamcatcher has a white unicorn horn, purple yarn covers the 6" hoop, and waxed twine was used for the web.  White and pink foam roses and yellow and purple silk flowers make up the crown.  Blue, purple, and pink ribbon finish the look.

What lovely dreams will be had with this hanging above the bed.